Gamer Haiku: 028 – 10-Yard Fight* (NES)

14 04 2010

10-Yard FightIt’s not Tecmo Bowl,

But it has an asterisk…

Why the asterisk???

Gamer Haiku: 027 – House of the Dead 2 (Dreamcast)

13 04 2010

House of the Dead 2Zombies in Venice,

Brains is only one syllable,


Gamer Haiku: 026 – Castlevania II Simon’s Quest (NES)

12 04 2010

Castlevania II Simon's QuestCursed by Dracula,

Fighting Vampires with a whip,

Is not like Twilight…

Gamer Haiku: 025 – Yoshi’s Island (SNES)

11 04 2010

Yoshi's IslandClumsy dinosaur,

Main cause of infant demise,

Yoshi should claim SIDS.

Gamer Haiku: Daily Breakdown – “Here comes the Sun”days

11 04 2010

After discussing it with some of my peers, I will be trying something to pique more interest. I don’t know if it will take a poll, or simply working off of the comment system (however if I tried that, I would get one opinion to go off of…). But for now I will be doing at least a Haiku per day, based off of a theme. Todays first post will be “Here comes the Sun”days.

This will occur on Sundays (obviously enough) and will be based off of “fluffy” games. Games that are bright, or happy, or shiny… My best example would be a lot of Mario titles have that whimsical feel.

Yoshi's Island Gameplay

Gamer Haiku: 024 – Pro Wrestling (NES)

10 04 2010

Pro WrestlingUpon wrestling foes,

Self-Esteem is key because,



Gamer Haiku: 023 – Super Bomberman (SNES)

10 04 2010

Super BombermanSimplistic styling,

Stuck in a corner with bombs,

Friends in a panic.