Ellis ChopsBorn in Southern California, raised in Southern California,  I grew up in an entertainment driven family. My father and mother both had very broad tastes of music ranging from Bluegrass to Mo-Town, and along with book, record, VHS, and comic book collections ranging in the thousands, it started early.

Now 27, with that background I have honed my own take on entertainment. I have broadened my grasp to touch on Video Games, and have become a collector of all things entertainment. Finding something good in just about everything I see or hear, I have broadened my collection of Music to over 35,000 tracks, DVD’s to over 300, and a Video Game collection well into the 1000’s spanning every system made except for PS3 the only system I do not or have not owned.

Aside from entertainment, I also played Basketball for four years in High School receiving multiple College scholarship offers from schools like University of Idaho, College of Notre Dame, UC Santa Cruz, and a few others. I still hold sports very close to my heart, and one day hope to coach basketball on a high school or collegiate level.

I am a geek/nerd/jock/gamer/pirate/ninja and wouldn’t change it for the world.

I currently reside in Downtown Los Angeles, CA trying to make my way into a quality position in the entertainment industry, whether it be writing, gaming, designing, or wherever I can.

You can reach me at ellis.walker@gmail.com

I also have a Fan Page on Facebook at:
Jiffy Pop Revolution

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