Gamer Haiku: 006 – Sonic The Hedgehog (The Series)

31 03 2010

sonic the hedgehogRun, Jump, Spin, Jump, Jump,

Spin, Run, Jump, Run, Spin, Weee, Jump,

Spin, Jump, Run, Jump, SPIKES!


Gamer Haiku: 005 – Windjammers (Neo-Geo)

30 03 2010

WindjammersI couldn’t tell too…



Gamer Haiku: 004 – Guitar Hero / Rock Band (Series)

29 03 2010

Rock-Band-2--Guitar-Hero-World-TourRed, Blue, Yellow, Red.

Blue, Green, Red, Red, Green, Blue, Blue.

Red, Blue, Gre… FUCK! DAMN!!

Gamer Haiku: 003 – Nintendo Virtual Boy

25 03 2010

Virtual Boy

VR headset, ow…

Redness making me dizzy.

I have a headache.

Gamer Haiku: 002 – Grand Theft Auto (The Series)

25 03 2010

GTASweet I got a gun!

What’s this game about again?

Prostitute refunds.

Gamer Haiku: 001 – Resident Evil 1 (PSX)

25 03 2010

Resident Evil 1 (PSX)

Where are the bullets?!?

Death by dog bite in third room.

Never played again…

Gamer Haiku: 000 – The Beginning

25 03 2010

Another style of reviews that I’m beginning to embark on is for all of those gamers/nerds with some sort of ninja infatuation. For the geeks with the Samurai sword on top of their TV. For the dorks that for some reason think they ARE Japanese, who are actually NOT… Okay, sorry guys, maybe this is getting a little mean… Effin’ Poindexters. I give you the Game Haiku!!

Haiku’s aren’t too hard

Screeched is just one syllable